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Planter boxes are not all created equal. If you are like most people, whether you're looking at metal, resin, composite or wood planter boxes, you want value - a good flower box at a good price. That's why every product we sell is only the highest quality. You'll be able to tell with every planting and use. That's our mission at

Quality is critical to us, so you'll find that every one of our planter boxes and pots is selected from among the best available. In fact, we've gone the extra mile to ensure that our products do not merely meet, but exceed industry standards. When you buy from us, you can be confident that consideration has been given to ensuring your flower planters and pots were built to last. Part of the quality assurance also took into account the function and esthetic form of the products.

We treat every order you place with the care and attention that it deserves. After all, when you want planters and pots with great value, you expect the service you receive to match the quality of the products you're ordering. With, you can be at ease knowing that the selections you have made will arrive promptly and are packaged well.

We don't treat our customers lightly - we recognize that it is your demand for quality that allows us to maintain the best place to buy flower and plant containers as well as accessories online, and we thank you with every order by treating you with the attention that you deserve. We invite you to explore the site in depth and hope you won't hesitate to ask us if there are any questions you would like answered. Just click the Contact Us link on any page.

Are you ready for the best planters and pots in a wide variety of materials available? You will find that most of them are made in the USA or Italy.

With our gardening friends and clients in mind, Best Planter Boxes offers you a wide selection of the finest planters and pots you can imagine.   The store was set up to bring added pleasure to those who find that the best containers for flowering plants and all plants beautify your surroundings, whether on the deck, a terrace, a patio, in the garden, around a pool or at an entranceway to your house. 

Our modern world changes fast in all fields, including in how planters and pots are made. While there is charm in older all wood and all metal products, for example, today we can and do benefit from the advantages of many newer materials, many of which are composite ones.  They end up providing the beauty of the past and also contemporary designs while having largely eliminated the heavy weight of the older containers, including window boxes.

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So with the gardening products offered, our store strives to provide:

1.     Beauty for your enjoyment

2.     Durable quality you will appreciate

3.     A wide array of planters and pots

4.     A selection of related products

5.     Just what you are looking for

6.     Just what you need but didn’t know you need

       Planter Boxes and Pots

You will find small, medium, large and very large sizes with a choice of colors and styles.  Many show their quality in part through their simplicity of style. There are traditional planters and pots as well as many contemporary ones.  They all make a statement that will enhance your surroundings.  They are the best.

Composite materials are often used in manufacturing to keep the pots lightweight, durable and attractive, mostly to look like a material that they are not, like wood, stone or metal.

·      Indoor Décor

Nothing will spruce up your interior more than beautiful plants and flowers in perfect containers.  In this section we have included some of the smaller size planters and pots that may be more appropriate for indoors than outdoors or perfect for either. Here we have also included some stands and small practical tables, all designed for accommodating plants.  Of course, in large indoor spaces very large planters and pots, especially as screens or to create separate spaces, are often a perfect choice.

·      Outdoor Gardening

Any good gardener can facilitate their gardening and will find Felco pruners a luxury they could no longer do without once they have used them.  You will find those listed in more than one section to encourage you to use them. In this section, our store with its planters and pots specifically focuses primarily on what works well for patios, decks, balconies,  and in spaces that can accommodate some more whimsical fun pots, like those that fit on railings or the large rooster that actually is a holder for a pot.  You will find intentional limited overlap with products from the Garden Gifts Section and the Planter Boxes and Pots Section since they are perfect for both. 

·      Window Boxes

Our store emphasizes a good variety of Mayne products in more than one style.  They are made of polypropylene and are self-watering window boxes that help you take care of plants and flowers with ease.  We also offer exceptionally attractive wrought iron styles with coco liners by other manufacturers. Imagine how your house will look with some new window boxes.

·      Garden Gifts

In deciding on which gifts to include in this section, we concentrated on products that will help you show off your plants and flowers in various areas of your garden and living space, including decks, patios and your kitchen where often you have flowers on display.  Most items are directly related to the garden; a couple of them have to do with other spaces, including the kitchen where flowers and plants tend to abound, and so we propose you consider a fine German kitchen clock.

We are able to offer you the best products from many of the finest companies.  Those most represented are Marchioro, Mayne, Bloem, Scheurich, Artech and Exaco. Exaco makes a wonderful planter on wheels, designed in Holland, with a trellis.  Most planters and pots are made in the USA, and others are from Italy or Germany.  A couple of our related gardening accessories, such as plant stands, are made in Asia for established American companies.

Come back and browse frequently at since we will be adding to our inventory continuously.  We also invite you to let us know your reactions to our array of products.  We will be delighted to hear from you about your needs for planters, pots and related supplies.  Happy shopping and welcome to our site.