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Planter Boxes and Pots

Planter Boxes and Pots are popular. Before all the wonderful composite materials used today, those interested in gardening would often make their own square containers out of wood, often in the shape of a cube. Those became known as planter boxes. They are also referred to as planters. If the shape is not a square or rectangle, it is likely the container is referred to simply as a planter or a pot. Round containers for live plants and flowers are usually not called planter boxes, but rather pots. Some rectangular boxes are called flower boxes. Of course, there are also window boxes. In our store we devote a category specifically to them.

Now with modern materials, there is a tendency to stretch our horticultural vocabulary and also use the term troughs for sleek styles. Troughs are inspired by the longer shapes from which animals feed or drink. We also place a lot of emphasis on the safety of the materials in describing the containers, such as the resins used and if they are BPA free, so that they can be used for herbs or vegetables. Other terminology is continuously being innovated and applied as well.

You will have examples of these styles and types of containers to suit your needs and inspiration in selecting Planters, Pots and more in our store.
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We hope that you, our clients, like the products you have seen and are still viewing.  You will notice that we have saved one other kind of Planter Box mostly for another section. There are some Raised Beds or Raised Bed Planters, also called Raised Planter Boxes in this section, and more are in the Outdoors Gardening Category. Raised Planters facilitate gardening for many.  They also help make gardening possible when space is limited.